Period. The End.

Is the period really dead? Last week the New York Times ran a story called "Period. Full Stop. Whatever It's Called, It's Going Out of Style," by Dan Bilefsky. The article talks about a linguist professor in Wales who's research shows that texting has eliminated the needs for periods at the end of every sentence.

Bilefsky cleverly avoided the use of periods throughout his article, which has got to be a first for the New York Times. I happen to like periods so I didn't imitate the gimmick, but Bilefsky proved he didn't need them. The article makes perfect sense.  

Language writing and punctuation do evolve. My nephews aren't learning cursive in school. People rarely use the semi-colon. The word nice used to connote what we now think of as meanness. And if anything is going to dramatically change how language is used in the next few years, it will be texting. 

I guess I'm not quite ready to give up the period. Full stop. 

- Deborah Lacy, Chief Storyteller