Optimize Your Communications Organization for Peak Performance


Communications can be an endless job. Events outside your control can constantly drain your time and resources. But every day doesn’t have to be a fire drill. Drawing on my twenty-five plus years of experience with Fortune 10 companies, start ups and large and small non-profits, I work with your communications team to help put in place processes and develop criteria to help manage your day-to-day work in a way that’s right for your organization. That way you can focus on delivering your goals, and even get home on time. For once. 

The first step is a conversation about specific pain points.  Together we identify and tackle those first.

Pain points can include (but aren't limited to):

  • Unclear goals, priorities and/or lines of responsibility.
  • No process for managing incoming requests (of all kinds).
  • Focusing on too many audiences or the wrong ones.
  • Lack of definition and planning for social media channel content and engagement.
  • Using the wrong social media content for the wrong channels.
  • Employees engaging inappropriately with social media and press about your company.
  • Missing necessary skill sets internally.
  • Executives suggesting tactics that experience tells you won’t meet the stated goals.
  • Agencies over spending or not delivering.
  • Scientific or technical executives who need to the tools to be more savvy about speaking, communications and/or meetings with the press.
  • A department structure that doesn't meet the current needs of the organization. 

Then we work with you to develop an action plan to alleviate the pain points, so you have more time to be proactive and enjoy more of your life.  Just contact us to get started.