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Deborah Lacy has written for companies ranging from Fortune 10 to start ups, including IBM, HP, Deloitte, Accenture, Intuit, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many                                                            others. She has written for national newspapers and magazines, under her own name                                                      and as a ghost writer. Her short mystery fiction has appeared in Mystery Weekly                                                                Magazine the anthology for the world's largest mystery convention, and she has a story                                                     in the next issue of Mystery Weekly Magazine. Samples are below.


We've helped tell the story of entrepreneurs who use Intuit QuickBooks. We've also written articles on many tax related subjects for a variety of Intuit publications and sites. 


What do you know about malaria 101 for travelers?  Do you know which US Presidents had malaria? I'll give you a hint...there were eight of them. And as if that wasn't enough                                                    about malaria for one day, here's a piece about how Dr. Seuss and The Seven Dwarves                                                    fought the disease

24Life - 24 hour fitness MAGAZINE

Who wouldn't want to ...know how to grab hold of epic life from Diana Nyad, or learn about living mindfully in the digital age with Soren Gordhamer, or discover how to walk your way to fitness. 

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Criminal element

When you love mystery fiction, writing about it can be great fun


Did I mention that we love mysteries? So much that our Chief Storyteller, Deborah Lacy also runs another blog in her spare time -- Mystery Playground. It's been written up in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, and covers mystery fiction, TV shows and movies of all types.